Mobile Phone Case for Apple Devices with LED Fill Lightحافظة الهاتف المحمول لأجهزة Apple المزودة بإضاءة LED

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Be always picture ready with this Mobile Phone
Case with Fill Lights. This case is equipped with rechargeable filled lights,
providing you with the best light settings so you can be selfie-ready even when
you are in a poorly lit environment.

  • white-iphone 8plus
  • white-iphone 7plus
  • white-iphone xr
  • white-iphone xsmax
  • white-iphone xs
  • white-iphone x
  • white-iphone 11promax
  • white-iphone 11pro
  • white-iphone 11
  • white-iphone 12promax
  • white-iphone 12pro
  • white-iphone 12
  • pink-iphone 8plus
  • pink-iphone 7plus
  • pink-iphone xr
  • pink-iphone xsmax
  • pink-iphone xs
  • pink-iphone x
  • pink-iphone 11promax
  • pink-iphone 11pro
  • pink-iphone 11
  • pink-iphone 12promax
  • pink-iphone 12pro
  • pink-iphone 12
  • green-iphone 8plus
  • green-iphone 7plus
  • green-iphone xr
  • green-iphone xsmax
  • green-iphone xs
  • green-iphone x
  • green-iphone 11promax
  • green-iphone 11pro
  • green-iphone 11
  • green-iphone 12promax
  • green-iphone 12pro
  • green-iphone 12
  • black-iphone 8plus
  • black-iphone 7plus
  • black-iphone xr
  • black-iphone xsmax
  • black-iphone xs
  • black-iphone x
  • black-iphone 11promax
  • black-iphone 11pro
  • black-iphone 11
  • black-iphone 12promax
  • black-iphone 12pro
  • black-iphone 12
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Product Description:

Use this Mobile Phone Case with Fill Light
Function to make your selfies the best-looking ones out there. The phone case
has an LED fill light, giving you the perfect lighting, which illuminates your
skin, make it charming every time you take a photo.

This fill light is bright enough but at the
same time, it is very soft and not dazzling in the eyes. Owning this mobile
phone case with fill light is like having a professional photographer that will
present the most beautiful selfie all the time.

This mobile phone case with fill light has 3
lighting modes. It emits white light, warm yellow, and bright yellow light that
can be adjusted by pressing the button on the back of the phone case, giving
you professional-quality photos.

This Mobile Phone Case is made out of TPU
materials, which are guaranteed soft and durable. It does not scratch the
surface of your mobile phone and protects it from incurring future damages.

This phone case is suitable for iPhone 8plus, 7plus,
XR, XS Max, XS, X,11promax, 11pro, 11, 12 Pro Max,12 Pro, and 12. This phone
case is one of the best gift ideas to give to your friends, loved ones, and to
anyone you know who loves to take selfies.


Product Specification:

Color: White, Pink, Green, Black

Material: TPU

Weight: 200g

Functions: Mobile Phone Case

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Usage Time: 3 hours

Charging Time: 1.5 hours


Package Inclusion:

1 * LED Mobile Phone Case

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual?

Additional information

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Color and Model

white-iphone 8plus, white-iphone 7plus, white-iphone xr, white-iphone xsmax, white-iphone xs, white-iphone x, white-iphone 11promax, white-iphone 11pro, white-iphone 11, white-iphone 12promax, white-iphone 12pro, white-iphone 12, pink-iphone 8plus, pink-iphone 7plus, pink-iphone xr, pink-iphone xsmax, pink-iphone xs, pink-iphone x, pink-iphone 11promax, pink-iphone 11pro, pink-iphone 11, pink-iphone 12promax, pink-iphone 12pro, pink-iphone 12, green-iphone 8plus, green-iphone 7plus, green-iphone xr, green-iphone xsmax, green-iphone xs, green-iphone x, green-iphone 11promax, green-iphone 11pro, green-iphone 11, green-iphone 12promax, green-iphone 12pro, green-iphone 12, black-iphone 8plus, black-iphone 7plus, black-iphone xr, black-iphone xsmax, black-iphone xs, black-iphone x, black-iphone 11promax, black-iphone 11pro, black-iphone 11, black-iphone 12promax, black-iphone 12pro, black-iphone 12

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Mobile Phone Case for Apple Devices with LED Fill Lightحافظة الهاتف المحمول لأجهزة Apple المزودة بإضاءة LED

$ 31.780
$ 25.480

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